Friday, June 20, 2008

Naruto: Enter the Tablet

couldn't contain myslef - these things are just WAY too much fun. i should've gotten a job to pay for one of these a lot sooner.... heheh..

anyways, i broke it in by coloring this naruto rock/paper/scissors fight that's been going on in my sketchbook for a few weeks now. i never do fan art of anything, unless it's of something nostalgic-ish, or there's some weird, strong emotional attachment to it... which is what nostalgia is, i guess. just strong emotional attachments that have fermented with time.. heh..

anyways, life goes on. anybody is welcome to drop any knowledge on how to take care of tablets, and how NOT to do anything stupid to them. plus any other extra masonic-like tablet secrets are always welcome, as usual. since i'm pretty new to this whole thing.

more tablet on the way. i think i'll do some stuff completely in photoshop and see how it turns out... i think i might try that whole no outlines look. some people pull it off really well.


  1. Very nice!!! Your CP (color points) have increased ten fold! One hint: Don't use that default photoshop brush. You know, the soft edged airbrush lookin one that is selected when you start? Unless you want to look like you're airbrushing or if you are doing smoke or something, use a hard edged brush with pen pressure ON under size jitter and opacity jitter. Also, textured brushes are fun to mess with. Very nice though! The tablet has definitely helped.

  2. Kevin! Good work. It's nice to see some color in your sketches - congrats on the tablet! The only thing I can think of that your blog lacks, ummm, capitalization... And maybe some grammar, though usually that's optional. ;)

    Anyway, come over and visit us at sometime. (We need the visitors to inflate our hit count. :p)

  3. holy CRAP, KORY!! thanks, man. that jitter action is some crazy stuff - didn't even know it existed! awesome. back to the lab again.

    and David - dude. capitalization is for chumps. it's all about the relaxed lower case feeling. i usually only capitalize names, and when i'm wanting to be more emphatic. (plus, some letters just look better lowercased all the time, like "i" ... man that's cool) also, grammar need not apply in the realm of 'voice.' how about on your blog where it says "Ashely and I's blog"?? heheh.. i keed, i keed. thanks for stopping by and droppin' a comment, i'll have to link to you guys.