Tuesday, June 3, 2008

arab movie work doodle + victortle

so - here's my most recent doodle from work. the goal at first was to do an arab version of M. Bison, with a little visor on his teeny hat (which would have been hilarious...) but I didn't.
so yeah, turned into a mock cover of a movie, if they made one based off of where i work.

ps - i blurred the company name on the bottle. it's just better that some of you people just don't know that information. seriously.

and here's something that i finished up finally after the request had been made back in like, february? this is a friend at work, Victor, riding a turtle. title of picture=VicTortleyup... finally trying to draw more often, and succeeding? hahah.. hey Roger! maybe that means i might get into some of that hoodie love stuff before school starts! which reminds me, i still need to take a look at the primary-tees thing you were talking about...

1 comment:

  1. i want a giant tortoise thing. i would ride it to work and not pay for all the damn gas i use.