Tuesday, October 28, 2008

School Doodlin' Bamboozalin' Bonanza...

so yessssss... got these doodles on the back of my notebooks onto the computer. played around with some highlighting, and here's what we got:

some old school oldies about to give somebody a good ol' fashion old schoolin' - don't give them any lip, or they'll give you a good lickin'.

just grabbed a flower, dude in the red jacket just found her-SWORD!! also, Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, and Master Roshi are all making guest appearances in this picture.

dreams to be had, battles to be won, seems like i nap like there's skittles on my tongue. colorful flayvuhs be droppin' from every spectrum of the rainbow, curl down my throat, can't choke, shook up and awoke, and realize i've still got a dream that has yet to be wrote... the thoughts will come after.

i've got this habit of rhyming on all the time now, thanks to myriads of HOT BEATZ and so forth. anyways, i'd love to type something thoughtful - but once again, not today. gots other stuffs to do. maybe later.... maybe.

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