Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LEVEL UP! can now play as "RYU"

a beat please *ahem*
slippin' into street fights soaked in neon lights. only way outta this life, is right through yo' demons that try to keep you from reachin' the highest heights. You know the ones, the ones that try to hold yo' face into the head lights if you be freezin', bendin' over knees, weak and weezin' and wrestlin' with mights when the car crashes, and it's too late to hope, cuz you be ashes and smithereans. washed out and burned with listorines, flavors like scope, dirt and never again will we see the ol' rope-a-dope.

couldn't resist throwin a little rhyme together for this picture i am titling "street fights and neon lights" WAAAAy fun. i think this is the best job i've EVER done in photoshop. heh. originally was going with some weird old chinese brown scroll-ish sorta look, which obviously did NOT happen. Feels good to finally get this one outta o' the way - it's been a huge distraction. now i can go do something else with my life. lots o' symbolism for yuh - especially if you know a little bit about streetfighter. just wiki it, or click here to read more about the main dood in this pic.


  1. Sweet! Too bad your combo didn't knock Vega's mask off. Better luck next time. ;)

  2. too bad it's in the process of coming off, and that i already told you before making this comment. heh.

    don't know how hard it is for everybody to see (my monitor is sorta bright) but you can make out his claw in the top right corner flyin' away. sorta like one o' them 'where's waldo' things maybe. which is fun.

  3. Heh, love the neon feel. very fun stuff. good work.