Friday, September 19, 2008

STRANDEAD - a pirate's life for we???

ahhhhhh.... colored this up just now. i drew this.. ummmmmmm...... 3 or 4 years ago???? heheh.
maybe more. anyways, this sort of started this really fun story in my head, and hopefully it gets on paper soon.

advice? thoughts? whatever.
so... i also went parkour-ing for the first 'o'fficial time last thursday. i'm still not back to one-hundred-percent, because my upperbody got DESTROYED. but yeah, it was a fun experience - all related to what i typed about backflipping.



  1. Kevin, Mandy's mom Nicole here - she kept telling me to look at your drawings - my gosh - you are amazing! Hope you don't mind if I check in on them now and then. Great talent...

  2. heh. thanks a lot!
    yeah, look at all the drawings you wish.