Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sKATANA - with color

just more coloring practice, in search of more skill. i'm starting to get into all the doodles i did at work over the summer. . . at this rate i'll have nothing old left to practice on, which means i'll have to start drawing again. haha................. kidding.

been sick as of a day or so ago... i feel like the equivalent of the mass of my brain has leaked out of my right nostril...

on a more positive note, i helped a young lady rescue her fruit snacks wich were stuck in a vending machine by giving it two good side kicks. karate helping people, one kick at a time...

speaking of karate, here's an inspirational video...

and i haven't laughed this hard in a while after seeing this:


  1. I like it. The YouTube videos, too. As one who knows stuff about computers, I would like to teach you the art of embedding YouTube videos in your blog...

    (Just pretend like you're Ryo and I'm the old Chinese dude in the warehouse, and we'll get through this just fine, and you'll have a shiny new shadow step to use.)

    Go to the YouTube video. To the right, you'll see a little box labeled Embed. Copy the stuff in the box, and paste it into your post. If you want, you may optionally push up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, after this. It has no effect, but it's fun to do. ;)

    Then post it, and you have a nice embedded video, like the one in this post.

    +3 AP, +253 exp., +302 Gald, +0.19 Grade.

  2. yeah, i had figured youtube would have support like that, since they're technically like any other uploadable storage place - i was just too lazy to check it out, being sick and so forth.

    anyways, 'preciate it. except the grade part. +0.19?? that's kind of pathetic. haha...