Friday, February 20, 2009


the multi-colored bic pen strikes again!! here are a couple doodles i finished up while studiously paying attention in class. no better way to stay awake in class and feel like i'm accomplishing something.


"Lady in Red"

and if you're REALLY curious, click here, and here to see both in their absolute origianl form, without the white highlights from photoshop.

in other news, my body is slowly yet surely mutating into a fish... or a fish-like...human-like creature. i need to drink water every 3 minutes or my mouth dries up, and i start going into these convlusive fish spasms on the ground.. it'd be more practical at this point to invest in a fish bowl/tank in which i could soak in all the moisture i need, and properly mutate the gills. however, becoming a super-fish-human, i'll finally be able to swim.... AT THE SPEED OF DOLPHIN!!!! that will actually be the newly coined catch-phrase i'll be using as well to compliment my newfound powers, before, during, or just after using said powers.

anyways.. see you people next time . . . AT THE SPEED OF DOLPHIN!


  1. You are amazing! Ran into your blog from Kory's and i love your style and that you are into Fooly Cooly! Plus street fighter and Lord of the Rings are good stuff.