Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fooly Cooly Color Practice

just some more color practice on some old stuff..

Just another typical day in the life of Naota. Nothing extraordinary... (FOOLY COOLY... weird/great show)

the pirate ninja, the middle entity of what some may call a 'holy' war between pirates and ninjas set in place before the beginning of time to keep all creation in balance.. symbol of ultimate and bitter hate and apocalyptic foreshadowing.. or sweet and sour love. depends on which side you don't take.


yep.. just trying to find some different rythmn to add to life by breaking out of the 'routine' habits you create from repeating things over, and over, and over... like drawing, music, fighting, or whatever it is that you do. everything shares the same elements when you really break something down far enough.

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