Friday, February 27, 2009

The End

SO. another class, another doodle. you know how it goes.
i was thinking about going full color, but then i got the idea to use the blue from the notebook, and go for that "thanks for playing/the end" sorta look that flashes up after the credits when you used to beat games back in the day.

so yeah, to manifest my nintendo nerd-like qualities, this would sorta be for the game "Super Mario FATHER 'n sons" . . . or something weird like that. i've already got a sweet name picked out for the old man, and will probably be doing some more hardcore designs of him in a younger, more hardcore form. i can't believe nintendo hasn't gone there yet. they could call it "Super Mario Origins" or something equally hardcore. as long as it was hardcore.

speaking of nerds, nintendo, and the overusage of the word 'hardcore' check this out:

for more inspirational nintendo-like things, here's an animation Kyle discovered a while ago here, in tribute to the man who made it all possible (basically, the creator of the nintendo universe)

thanks for playing.

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