Wednesday, March 21, 2012


another exercise at work.  supposed to use the symmetry tool in painter, sketchbook pro, or something else - and then maybe introduce some non-symmetrical stuff to keep it interesting.  to bad photoshop doesn't have one of those...

after a lot of internet surfing, i don't even think a plugin exists for it that you could get.  so i did it all manually, flipping the image every now and then to see how it was going.  pretty fun!!  more fun if you could see the mirror image going on in real time.

thought i'd keep things even LOOSER than i've been messing around with.  good times.


  1. Before I zoomed in on this, I thought it was a really cool face. you should transform it and see what you get!

  2. not the first time i've heard that about this actually!

    by the mouth of two or more people shall you transform your picture into a cool face. so shall it be done.