Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bike Girl, and some Bruce Lee ramblings

another exercise at work - supposed to do something inspired by the photo...  and for some reason, i really wasn't feeling anything that day except for the fact that she had a hood, and a dog.  one thing led to another, the whole time me not really being sure what was happening...  and now here we are!!

trying to push the loose feel i had a couple posts ago, but maybe in a slightly different direction.  agonized over color scheme for about 4 days...  at peace with myself now.. haha.  fun times.

also...  trying REALLY hard not to use the word "style."
i watched I AM BRUCE LEE last week, and was reminded of some really cool stuff I had written down a long time ago after reading through Jeet Kune Do, basically Bruce Lee's personal study journal, and applying it to other things in life.  like drawing! 

probably a post for another time, but here's basically what i got out of it:
work hard to find what works best for you, but be honest about what's working.  and eventually, you'll be able to honestly express yourself through what you're doing - even though it's HARD WORK to pull that off.  styles separate people and prevent more collaborative learning opportunities, so we shouldn't conform to them - "styles" should conform to PEOPLE.  the individual is more important than "the" martial art being taught, the type of brush somebody's using in photoshop, the bread somebody uses to make a sandwich...  you get the idea.

it's all about how you do what you do, and nobody's better at doing what you do than YOU.  the trick is filtering through principles, techniques, and people using them, to find your own - all while trying to find that harmony with yourself, other people, and whatever situation you're in.

easiest for me to quantify all of this into (since i've played A LOT of) fighting games:
>>level one - button mashing (familiarizing self with characters, environments, game situations)
>>level two - learning moves (familiarizing self with how to use characters in environments and situations)
>>level three - timing moves (familiarizing self with when to use character's moves in based on experience in situations)
>>level four - instinct and feeling (familiarizing time is OVER, except for playing against new people - technique, timing in situation all instinctively done almost on their own - using instinct also to know when to revert back to any of the previous levels for a desired effect)

kinda fun to see what that means in other areas of life.  like making sandwiches or something.  heh.

....i think i'll stop right there.  once i get started on this kind of stuff it's hard for me to stop.  and it's late.
props if you actually read through all of that - double props for if it was actually somehow meaningful to you.


  1. I get double props!

    Love the fighting game analogy. We need to play Smash Bros. again sometime.

    Oh, and love your take on the photo. I wish the dog would have somehow survived...

  2. SMASH BROS = TRIPLE PROPS!! if we're all around when new interns show up - perhaps, we should try and overthrow the meetings for some of that action!

  3. Sounds awesome! Nothing better than Smash Bros mixed with a little anarchy.