Monday, April 23, 2012


hey doodz.  got some sketchery and doodle-ation goin' on i figured i'd post.  these guys can be found under the sketches section on my new and improved PORTFOLIO BLOG!!! (link also in top right corner.  neat huh?)  if you've got anything to say about the portfolio blog, i 'd love to hear it - kinda thought it was cool myself that you can look at EVERYTHING without clicking on a single tab or link or whatever.  but yeah, sending out applications for jorbs and all that - it's time to move on!!!

on the music side, been making some playlists i can just cycle through at work...  got about 20 Atmosphere songs i've had on repeat for a few weeks straight now.  figured i'd share some.  you can't really top sincerity, in drawing or music (or anything else) and these songs are packed with it.  don't know many other rappers who do it quite like Slug (he just might be my favorite) even some of the more dark stuff he does can still strike a chord because of how SINCERE this dood can get.  match that with Ant's sick production abilities (coincidentally probably my favorite producer too)  and you get some REALLY good music.  these are some of the more positive one's (to me) that hit hard.
Little Man
My Notes
Get Fly  (LOVE the outro.......)

and this NEXT ONE is just too good.  while going to school, i ran into quite a few people not from Utah who were always quick to drop judgement on the state and generalize the entire inhabitants - so this one i kinda feel is like a nice burn on people like that..  heh.
Say Shh

also real quick - check out ANTLER BOY AND OTHER STORIES on kickstarter!!  my drawing sensei from about a year and a half ago is KILLING it over there.  like comics/cool stories/rad stuff in general????????????????  i do.  totally getting the book.


  1. awwwwwwesooome! i like the portfo: clean, professional, totally rad. my only change would be to make the images bigger. and maybe shuffle the order a bit to have the most stunning piece up first. i mean, they're all stunning, but put the superlative one first.

    here's something i read:

  2. thanks man!! prioritized the order a bit more, and made some extra little changes. also read through that - good stuff. thanks again!