Thursday, September 30, 2010


final colored/painted version of the stuff on the previous post. originally this dude was gonna be a janitor when i started, but quickly transformed into what you see before you now.

also.. i was thinking of having somebody do a stage-dive in the back where all the light is, but make it look like they're ascending towards the heavens... though that seems so unnecessarily epic and AWESOME, that i may just do a separate painting for that. hahah.. so epic.

also.. i found a ten dollar bill on the ground in a parking lot a couple days ago, and am now just barely coming off of the good luck high. i was having such a lucky day, that by the time i picked up the ten dollar bill i was almost worried/confused how everything was going so well. i literally just stood there in the parking lot for about 5 minutes, just waiting for a voice of reason to come and explain everything to me. . . heh.

also.. K-Murdock and Mega-Ran released another goodie, to thank all the peeps who successfully helped destroy the goal on their epic kickstarter campaign they did this track aptly titled "thank you for listening." samples from Mario 3 - hence my little spin off the title screen for the single's cover art. love this - very chill vibe, yet emotionally penetrating at the same time. check it out.

<a href="">Thank You For Listening by Mega Ran & K-Murdock</a>

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