Tuesday, November 16, 2010

autumn's evening breeze...

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... it's been a couple months.
time for pictures!!

(above) picture was an assignment/attempt to re-do/awesome-ify an OLD picture (below) done my last year in highschool?? still got some things to add in there, but i think it's going somewhere.. heh. really just trying to get the feeling of adventure there and stuff.. hope to get a lot more done on this before we turn EVERYTHING in.
colored pencils and gouache.. i didn't even know what gouache WAS back then, but i still tried to use it. haha..

got to copy something awesome for an assignment. i picked this. learned some cool stuff. copying is cool like that sometimes.

got to try and copy somebody's style on this assignment. i picked this guy. learned some cool stuff. copying apparently is still cool like that, sometimes.

ummmmmm..... what else.
oh yeah, leaves. LEAVES!!!! man. autumn has got to be my FAVORITE season of all time.. lots of mixed memories and nostalgia coming back and blowing by... like i'm being reminded of a billion significant things that have happened in my life at once, and not being able to notice any specific thing at all, really. kinda like these awesome LEAVES!!! heh. really though, been feeling some awesome positive vibes for the past little bit that i can't quite figure out... not complaining though. just happy.

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  1. Kev, I love your sense of color. Your paintings are coming along nicely. As for EXP, I'd say you've hit another couple levels yourself. Also, you've discovered several spell potions and a healing elixir!