Tuesday, September 7, 2010


had to paint this guy using only one color.. fun little exercise in the digital painting class i'm taking right one. black and white version below, obviously - unless you're absolutely blind to all color, then the illusion is lost, and they should both look exactly the same.

been experimenting with not relying so much on lines to describe form, etc. instead of the usual stuff i love to do. more of both to come.


slow day at work.. started doodling to keep the sanity/not fall asleep. couple days later, enter THE DUCKDRAGON.

THE DUCKDRAGON feeds exclusively on ducks during migrational periods.
the ducks' real reason for the flying-v formation is that it's a defensive formation designed specifically to give them the best chance at survival vs. THE DUCKDRAGON. that is all we know so far.

this was for the cover of an english course based on the book "Enchantress of the Stars" which turned out to have a pretty cool concept that helps you better perceive time and space and all that. i should read real books more often. . . ...
another random thing started at work just to fight off sleep, and keep the motivational juices flowing.. to me, little dude sorta looks like a weird mix between a black mage, an eskimo, and kenny.

your mom.

this was for some random... Scott Pilgrim drawing contest. the comic had a lot of 'your mom' jokes in it, so i thought i'd do one of my own. Mom - if you're reading this, this totally isn't you. promise.
also. The MOVIE was AWESOME.

summary (since i don't feel i need to bore you with every detail of my life at this point..) of random thoughts/observations over the past couple months since the last post, that i can remember off the top of the headt:

-over the summer, i did a lot of walking around outside during the day. listening to music and drawing stuff while outside = very relaxing. may do it some more.

-saw a little bird with a messed up wing. i only noticed because it let me get so close to it without flying away... then i realized it couldn't fly at all. the same day i was walking across a bridge and saw a homeless dude with his shirt off, chilling underneath a huge tree who's branches and leaves almost draped down over him like a huge curtain... made me think about the bird. made me think about what our 'wings' could be, and how messing those up can get us into some really unnatural situations.

-the ability to 'let go' of something good suggests that both 'good' and bad are moving. to hold on to any good thing in your life simply means to move with it and accept the direction it is moving.

-it's almost ridiculous how much music is really out there, is being made, and will be made.. it's impossible to find all of the good music out there, and not worth the effort to try. however, if you don't make any effort to pursue any good music - you wont have any. support good music and it will support you.

other random things worthy of note:
-went to a really cool costume party, and we all played glow-in-the-dark wiffle ball.
-Mario was on my team
-saw a car half-way in an apartment building/half-way out (they drove INTO the building on accident)
-someone was actually HIT BY THE CAR!! imagine that. you're just relaxing... doing stuff in your house, where you LIVE... and then suddenly... YOU GET HIT BY A CAR... crazy. sorta reminded me of Donnie Darko, except i'm not so sure the person who was hit by the car was hit by choice, resulting in the preservation and stability of the world in which we live.. or something like that.

alright. that's about it for now..
last thing. i was driving home sorta late a few nights ago, and caught the last minute or so of this song on the radio... loved the mood/lyrics.. all that. kinda funny how you can never really choose the exact time or source of inspiration, but it hit me. a nice extra little shove in a positive direction.


  1. Haha - I totally read this title as that annoying noise the Beastmaster made to call his bird.

  2. ahahah.... such a good movie.
    "DIE BRAXIS!!!"