Wednesday, January 23, 2013


wuddup bloggerverse!!  got some updates comin to a web browser near YOU.  still trying to get the daily creative grind going.  here's a large helping of random stuff in no particular order:

 redesign of one my friend's characters, check out how i flipped it over at (for day 9)

some more signed sketches complete with ordering a copy of Mariachi-Dachi directly through me.  ;)

gettin some major ANGST out because of reasons that ended up not being that big of deal.. life is funny like that sometimes.  sometimes it's NOT though.

entry to Chamba's character contest (almost didn't enter, because early on.. some EXTREMELY FRESHH designs had already been submitted.  ha.)

 hardly touch anything related to the whole sci-fi genre.  figured i was due.  if there were more hoodies in sci-fi genre, i'd probably do some more....  errr maybe i'll start doing SCI-FI HOODIES!!  it could catch on, yeah?  gotta rep the street, even in the FUTURE!!  heh heh..

 was royally SUCKING it up, trying to get into some freelance work..  doodled this up to break up the sucking.  felt a lot better :]

all four images above were done on the ipad, using procreate, and the huge nubby wacom stylus.  really fun stuff.  IN LOVE with the smudge tool.  moved from painting to drawing to see how it all feels.  probably wont get any more detailed than the last one (done around Christmas) unless i get a more accurate stylus..  the nubby-ness just gets to be too much for me the smaller you try and draw.  

 no idea what to say about this guy....  just trying to mix things up i guess.

elephant master...  of HARD KNOCKS.

 based off the actor that acted in a dramatization based off the life of the real hulk hogan of japan.  RIKIDOZAN!!
my little pony.  just LOVE all the fanart i see of it littering the boulevards of the information superhighway.  had to do some of my own.  ;)


 he's got a solid jab, but i'll bet you anything his kicks are more powerful.

last but not least: ever since i was super little, i've been making up my own versions of mega man bosses.  ladies and gentlemen, i give you, "Tribal Man."  power you acquire?  spear throwy thingy.  it sticks into walls, and you can jump on them.


got some comics i'm working on/other secret things....  hope to let some of it surface within the next few months.  still hunting jobs of all kinds - freelance/full-time/part-time and figuring out how I, MYSELF, can be a full-time job. in the words of MC LARS (emphasis added, to make my point)

"Look - all I want to see is amazing art
Invest your heart and play your part
Perfect your craft and straight do you
If you don't do you then who's going to?
Just push it, push it, make it awesome
Build those concepts get it poppin "
(lyrics from Nerdcore Died)

if you're an "artist" or creator of any kind, that's one of the most empowering things to believe in/work on.  nobody's better at being you than YOURSELF.  so keep working on being that...  and be excellent to each other.  ;)

later doods!


  1. Really love these designs - especially the last guy - looks like something from Zelda. I also enjoyed your motivational words! I'm definitely working on perfecting my craft!