Friday, December 14, 2012

Super Power Misfits

it's fanart.  it's also friday.  i guess that means i inadvertently participated in fanart friday ;)

wanna get a cool picture book?  of course you do.  so go check out "Invizy & The Misfit Supers" !!
at the very end of my CTN exploits for this year, i ran into the ULTRA-nice Scott Wiser, creator of the book.

the layouts are innovative, the story is unexpected, and the superheroes FAR from average.  Scott has a fresh take on a world dominated by spandex, where we find the lowest of the low rising up to save the day.
as an animator, Scott also brings a touch of whimsical flavor and some rad effects to help bring this story to life.

should be interesting to see what Scott's got in the works for his next project.  rock on, good sir.


  1. Kevin! Love the fan art, it's great seeing your unique take on my characters and your review was very generous. I made a bit of fan art for your book as well : - so glad I met you, this was a ton of fun!

    1. thanks man!! definitely was fun - i gotta get a high-res version of yours. LOVE IT!