Saturday, June 26, 2010

more stuff

done for another random drawing contest.. kind of thought the judging was a little ridiculous, not just because i didn't make the semi-finals, but other cool kids didn't either. whatever - still had lots of fun doing this!

a doodle. i've never considered myself very strong at "sketching" for lots of personal reasons... but DOODLING is insanely fun, and somehow "works" for me. doodling vs. sketching.... is there really a difference? maybe doodling is like super slow-motion sketching.. i dunno.

so... LOTS of stuff piling up that i wanna play with in photoshop.. don't know when i'll get around to it, so this is just a mini sketch dump of some of that stuff.

finally got some of my figure drawing class stuff on the computer. all of these are self-portraits except the last one.

other noteworthy stuff... kind of:
-went to a pretzel making party. apparently some people are really into pretzel making? i'm really into eating freshly baked goods such as pretzels, so that was a relief.
-cant stop listening to an AWESOME Michael Jackson remix by Beatnick & K-Salaam
-had 3 songs on repeat CONSTANTLY, even at work... i guess i was in a weird mood or something and it just seemed to help. finally snapped out of it after about day 5.
-aaaaaaaaaand... yeah.
the end.

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