Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Forever Famicom!!

so... Forever Famicom drops June 1st!! it was a really fun opportunity to get to do all the art stuff for this project - i mean, nintendo makes up a special part of my childhood... with all the fighting/bonding me and my brothers had, and all the adventures we got through. on top of that, i'm a huge fan of what K-Murdock and Mega-Ran are up to - both in co-op, as well as in their own respective single player games. definitely two guys worth keeping an eye on in the music world.

i figured i'd post all the art without the logo (which logo design i'm actually really proud of.. heh,) the type, and whatever else over here. to check out the more "official" stuff, head over to K-Murdock's, and while you're at it you can even preview the tracks over at Mega-Ran's. if you're really feeling it, you can pre-order the album from either sites, and come June 1st you'll be able to check the whole thing out at their bandcamp page.

the album does not disappoint - i got a piece of the audio action early on, and it does NOT disappoint. literally had the whole thing on repeat for a week.. haha.. seriously. these are just two awesomely creative guys with some really cool friends making great hip hop, with powerful allies of nostalgia, nintendo, and nerd core glory furthering their heroic musical campaign.

while on the subject of nerd core, i discovered "The Chrono Mixtape" a while back, and to my strange surprise.. some dude (DJ Nerd42) took the instrumentals, and FLAWLESSLY puts the vocals from that fort minor album over the top.. it's like........ so weird how well it works.. haha.. Chrono Tied - check it out if you dare.

and lastly, something a little different.

this is "Gob." ...short for Goby. you know, like the desert? but more like the fish with the awesome underbite that forms symbiotic relationships with the tiger pistol shrimp. real, REAL name is "Goblin." ....or Gobble. heh.. more on that later.

anyways. this guy's sort of like, the main character from a story i've had in my head for a while now.. the plan is to get him and all his friends and everything out of my head, on to paper, and watch it all magically transform into a graphic novel.

not much else going on. life is still life, good is still great, bad is still worse, using Wal-Mart's shopping carts like a giant scooter to my car intentionally parked ALL the way at the opposite end of the parking lot (for obvious reasons) is still REALLY fun.. can't complain about anything, really.


  1. YO, the Gobi character looks DOPE... reminds me of the Gobi fish enemies from Breath of fire and other RPGS! Plus he looks like Chrono a bit, lol!

    BTW- mailing your signed CD out tomorrow!

  2. YES!! haha.. all good signs, glad to hear it - i got heavy influences coming from over there.

    sweet! thanks, man!!

  3. Thanks for the mention of Chrono Tied :)

  4. ... what the DjNerd42-apparition!!? my pleasure bro - Chrono Tied really grew on me, and now sits happily in my library of music. excellent work!

    (and i now realize not all the beats are from The Chrono Mixtape, so props on all that too, and for not blowing up on me for poorly stating things as they are.. haha..)

  5. Oh, I try never to blow up at people generally, especially if they're helping get the word out on their blogs about my stuff.

    I have a new project out called "It's Pronounced Forty Two" that combines KJ-52 with Daft Punk. Also has some video game stuff and a really awesome Pink Floyd track.

  6. dude... everywhere i go i get compliments on the art! I have a giant poster of it in my living room. spectacular job man.

  7. Ran!! thanks a lot bro.
    very awesome to hear.

  8. Thank you so much for posting high-rez originals of the Forever Famicom art! I've been scrounging around for exactly this for a month or two to use as a desktop background, etc.

    All the comments are TRUE, the art is awesome and I want it on a poster! K-Murdock told me today that such a thing might be in the works... looking forward to it.

    Stay fresh!


  9. Eliot - glad you were able to find the place!! always happy to be of service.

    posters always make things more epic.. haha..
    wouldn't mind having something like that myself.

    thanks for droppin your comment, man. means a lot.

  10. yo WORD UP. I loved this project. Super ill art too, mad props. Amazing job all around.