Sunday, April 25, 2010


finals are OVER. that = YES!

been stockpiling LOADS of little sketches, pictures, and paintings i did whilst a-schooling and being ridiculously busy in general. HERE WE GO. time to drop a LOT more STUFF on you.

underground fighter-type dude evolved from a random scribble i did in my sketchbook.

"CityScape III"
3rd ever attempt in a LONG time at doing a more... serious city thing. no reference. just all mental practice. like a lot of things, i don't do enough of this.

had this in my head for some reason.. felt really good to get it on paper. might draw more of this guy..

duh. haha.. anyways, another random scribble i turned into something. guess i was in the mood for some clunky armor, heroes, and all that.

"Toned Beard the Pirate"
love pirates. don't draw enough of them.

was sketching while the tv was on one night.. half way through, Blade: Trinity came on, so everything started getting a blade/vampire twist to it.

"Sensei Stuff"
dunno. was drawing kids in my class while we were on a field trip at Jim Christensen's place. this is what came out of it. (been forEVER since i've been on a field trip.. i should've called my Mom up and asked her to pack me a lunch with a caprisun just to make it that much more legit.. heh.)

digital stuff..."Tea Party"
got an assignment to redo Alice in Wonderland, 16 rough pages. my take was sort of about this girl trying to fit in with all the weird "genres" of people in Wonderland. i'll post all the pages up sometime, but for now you only get the one page that's colored. oh, and the Mad Hatter is supposed to be Ozzy Osbourne.

assignment - do something in photoshop for Haïti (back when it was only them who had been rocked by serious seismic activity). the idea was to sell all our Haïti posters through the internet, and donate all the skrilla to charity for the Haïti peeps.

"up here..."
assigment - do an environmental design for anything. finally forced myself to go more speed-painty on this one, and try techniques out i don't normally use in photosohp. actually really pleased with the result.

assignment - illustrate a fortune cookie, all in adobe illustrator.
my fortune was, "An Important Person Will Come to Your Aid"
not gonna lie though - i did some slight tweaking in photoshop.

"William Noe Livingston, 1835-1909"
got lots of leeway in a family history class i was taking, for a final project. decided to draw an ancestor. this guy here is my grandma's great great grandpa. all i found for a physical description to go off of was that he had blue eyes and wavy brown hair.

random side story: two years before he got married - his wife and her family were all eating breakfast one morning, when suddenly her dad (who apparently had been acting a little strange for the past couple days) just gets up from the table without saying a word, goes into the next room, and blasts himself in the face with a rifle. apparently your family history can be pretty intense.. heh.

acrylic paints...assignment - use cliché images (like the heart shape, or fluffy clouds, or whatever) and do/say/create something different or new or creative or whatever with them... or something like that.

assignment - redesign a fruit, pasta, or cupcake.

assignment - take an abstract word (from a list they handed out) and do something conceptual with it. i picked "invisible."

assignment - pick and illustrate an article (from a bunch that they gave us to choose from.)
mine was on hitmen acting as informants to the FBI, who were trying to get after the Mafia - and in turn, cops would look the other way while these guys started stealing/killing/taking over Mafia guys' stuff.

assignment - another article illustration like the last one, except this one was about "nintendo thumbs" from people playing videogames "too much". they don't know what they're talking about - my thumbs are just fine, and i've played WAAAAAY too much.

assignmment - another article thing. this one was about a study that was done on how good smells influence you to be a good person, while nasty smells make you more negative.

WOW... that was a lot.
gotta be a record post for me or something.

and now here's where i go off into an unrelated part of my life that has recently ocurred that i feel like sharing for no particular reason:

i HATE cops. okay... not really(skip to 5:43,) but i hate unreasonable laws being enforced unreasonably.
i was off skateboarding last week just to relax... might've only done like 4 miles or something like that, and i'm almost back to my apartment. there's this HUGE empty parking lot with only a few cars on both ends, and i start cutting through, since the road to my house is on the other side. not even halfway through, some cop sticks his head out of his green non-cop-esque secret covert-op camo-cop car and motions for me to come over.
tells me there's no skating on campus. well, i'm not ON campus. apparently campus consists of anything the university owns, including this effing huge/effing EMPTY parking lot almost right next to where i live. i tell him i'm aware there's no skating OR biking on campus, and ask him what would happen if i decided to cut through the parking lot on a bike - and not to sound like i'm just giving him crap, i let him know i'm just trying to understand, because it's true.
apparently this issue has gone through the legal system for years, because some junior high kids were on the university's campus (real campus, not weird stuff they own from afar) one night, and one kid got a serious head injury from being stupid. i think there was an attempted lawsuit, and cop guy says somehow if somebody's injured on campus, the university can be liable - so a bunch of, i'm assuming spiteful people, decided that skateboards, rollerblades, "razors" (now my cop buddy starts bringin' in the "street terms." heh heh..) and anything else that doesn't have a break (even though all these things actually do) isn't allowed because of control issues and potential liabilty that this can cause the university due to accidents.
dood let me off with a warning, but if i was caught again he said he'd have to shoot me in my left knee cap or something. we had a good laugh.... and then i killed him and tried to hide the body underneath my wheels, again.... and again.... and again. hahaha.... yeah.
but seriously, got me thinking later that day - i saw some ten year old kids off a-scootering in the direction of the now foreboding parking lot. is a cop gonna stop KIDS from scootering through? give them tickets? oh, and what if i'm in a car and accidentally or intentionally run somebody over in the parking lot. this thing has breaks, PERFECT balance. all i have to do is sit down, and no worries about the thing falling over - who's liable then?? i don't know if it's just me, but if i run somebody over, or i eat concrete with my face off a bike or a skateboard, or get my neck tangled around my scooter, i'm pretty sure it's my own fault - especially if it's in a huge empty flat space where almost zero cars park.
i'm not complainin' - i'm just sayin'
here's an idea - let me sign a WAIVER or something. problem solved.
no big deal.

on a more positive note, i went on a really long walk the next day, and discovered some kid playing Lord of the Rings music with an accordion on his porch. it was awesome. day was totally transformed into awesome, instantly.

anywho, first day of spring semester starts tomorrow?!
i'm expecting really exciting stuff to happen this summer, but somehow i don't foresee this as being part of that. should be fun though.


  1. I LOVE the nose with mustache wings.

  2. heh heh heh.. glad to hear it!!

  3. you never cease to amaze me, man.

  4. I stumbled through the interweb and ended up here, I can't remember how... but your art is fantastic... Keep it up man... Bookmarked.