Thursday, March 4, 2010

sketch dump

did somebody say update? . . . no? . . . .interesting.
so, i've got a quick update. last couple weeks and more have been some of the busiest weeks of my life for some strange reason - and to show you some evidence to discredit this undeniable truth... sketches!! some to be "digitally remastered," some to be left almost forgotten in the abyss of the wake known as personal experience.

shooting the curl, or gleaming the cube as some might say...

making faces. when i've got nothing better in mind to draw, i'll do these huge face collage things... it's fun. i like to make up stories for how they'd interact with eachother, or why they're feeling what they're feeling, in relation to the other faces or people.

sketching some kids at school - it was one of those "older kids hang with way younger kids on a field trip" type thing.

was really feeling this one.. this little guy will probably go into my huge archive of original characters who i've made up a small story around etc., and should draw more of, but odds are i never will. shame on me.

a guest appearance in a random, quick cityscape sketch thing.

Bram Stroker's Dracula was on tv, and then this happened somehow..
honestly don't understand how many "actors" ended up in the same poorly written movie.. and super weirded out at Keanu's enlgish accent - or lack there of... WOW. it's like he thought he'd sound more english accent-y if he just randomly captain kirk-style paused through half of his sentences.... hahahaha... that movie was awful.

made some random scribbles that turned into a girl, that turned into a gorrilaz-esque girl, that turned into a v-day related thing... i had this idea of making a black hole in space, in the shape of a heart as a tribute to v-day, but don't know when i'll have the time for that - for now, this'll do i guess.

lots more where that came from.. still need to get them on the computer and mess with them. i have this vision where paper will be able to run some cool photoshop-esque software.. but you do everything with a real pencil or something equally and/or more awesome.

also, unsketchbook related,

colored this dude's lines of his character he made up.
As a christmas act of goodwill, i had this random contest on deviantart the morning of christmas where the first two people to respond with a link to their linework, i'd throw some colors at it.

long story short, i was giving a band another option for an album cover in the spirit of music, and indian folklore perhaps, to try and help some friends feel better or something. done in an hour? can't remember. super last minute, super don't care, even though they decided not to go with this. it has this eerie... strange charm to me, enough that i thought i'd share it.

THROWBACK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kay, so i was digging through old old sketchbooks from way back. found 'the red one.' the red one is the best sketchbook i've ever had - senior year of highschool, '04, i would take this EVERYWHERE, and draw in it ALL THE TIME. soooo satisfying. you can see the spot where all the red has vanished due to the prolonged magical grip one would employ as it was carried to various locations of drawing.

i'll be posting a few drawings from it every so often, till i've got all my favorites on the computer.. really wanna do some paint over stuff with all this, digitally. we'll see.

i remember trying to figure out how to make building and fudge perspective, so i could do what i wanted. these were the last two serious attempts i did, and it's been a while since then.... totally need to do more stuff like this. sepia tone-gradient thing was thrown on a few days ago, just to add a little something something to it all..

in this next one, you can spot the following: a person asleep in a car. a large pop can, an abstract kitchen sink, a mario building, and one of my most favorite inventions of all time - the 'no handi-capped parking allowed' parking spot.

also, Pretty Lights just came out with a new FREE ep. get it if you want to know what happy and electro/hiphop/funk awesome sound like together. all the eps on the site are free, so you should probably get those as well. here's a preview of my FAVORITE Pretty Lights song ever, in case you're like... "well Kevin, i'm ridiculously lame and have absolutely no desire to listen to something crafted with the potential to unlock all the hidden chi within msyelf, thus rendering my soul more complete... "
yeah. you would.

other things worthy of note involve getting pulled over for speeding and getting let off with a warning. skating home from BYU campus at night past the only other person outside in provo who just happened to be a cop - who also let me off with a warning, and playing Heavy Rain with a friend from 10pm until 6AM.


  1. Dude, your sketchbook pages are crazy. I can't believe how detailed some of those cityscapes are. I would need to plan something like that out on a huge piece of paper.


  2. heh.. thanks man!

    my cityscape things were inspired by these:


    and on one of those, he does the same cityscape, but from the perspective of a person looking up, but i can't find it. dood's insane.